Hi welcome what's up I'm Katie

I am a comedian from Boston, MA.

At The Comedy Studio's Just For Laughs New Faces standup audition showcase, 2/11/2019.

Ted directs a very special movie. I talk about important issues in this extremely feminist sketch with my friends Are We A Horse.

Video directed by Matt Miller for Catlateral Damage video game!

ANOTHER hit commercial directed by Matt Miller for solvex4u.com. Voiceover by me also I am the lady in red. Please do not be fooled by the grey thumbnail.  The video is there. Just hit play. I mean, only if you really want to watch me lick an abacus.

Pls meet Melisma Del Banco, premier poet of the Gastric movement. (THIS IS ALL ME writing/directing/acting WOW v artful)

I am the lead insect in this amazing video for Doomsday Student directed by Planchette! Watch me give birth!